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$1750 refundable deposit

Professional grade EVA tool watch built for the next chapter of space exploration.

Monolith, priced at $8,750, requires a 20% ($1,750) refundable deposit for reservation. The outstanding balance is payable before shipping which starts in Q3 2024.

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  1. Automatic bidirectional winding
  2. Stop seconds
  3. Central seconds, hours, minutes
  4. 50 hour power reserve
  5. 28,800 bph high beat
  6. Chronometric regulation, adjusted in 5 positions down to an internally verified mean accuracy of +/-4 seconds.
  7. Non-magnetic nickel-phosphorous escape wheel and pallet fork
  8. Non-magnetic Nivaflex mainspring
  9. Non-magnetic Nivarox hairspring
  10. Non-magnetic Glucydur balance
  11. ISO764 / DIN 8309 certified resists exposure to a direct current magnetic field of 4800 A/m
  12. Passes Chronofiable A8, withstands shocks of at least 555 G

Monolith Pre-Order Guidelines

Monolith In Development: Please be aware that Monolith is currently in the developmental phase. This means that the final technical specifications and product details are subject to change as we refine and enhance the product. We are dedicated to transparency and will keep you informed of any significant developments or alterations to Monolith's design and features.

Sequential Order Fulfillment: Reservation allocations for the Monolith wristwatch follow a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fairness and transparency in delivery sequence.

Prepayment and Balance for the Monolith: The $1750 prepayment for the Monolith represents 20% of its final price ($8750). This prepayment will be deducted from the final price, leaving a balance of $7000 due before shipment. The prepayment is fully refundable at any time before the shipment is finalized. Should you choose to cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund of the prepayment.

Estimated Lead Time: The expected lead time for the Monolith wristwatch is approximately 5-6 months from the date of reservation. This period is an estimate and subject to production and demand variations. We are committed to expediting orders while maintaining our focus on quality and precision. Please note that this timeframe is an estimate and may change.

Monolith Final Purchase Procedure: You will be notified to complete the final purchase as the shipping date nears. Failure to settle the remaining balance may result in reservation cancellation and a refund of your prepayment.

Regular Updates and Communication: We will provide regular updates on the status of your reserved Monolith wristwatch and keep you informed about significant production and estimated delivery time developments.

For more details, please visit Terms and Conditions.

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