Project 1

The future of watchmaking.

Project 1’s mission was to develop unique time display complications in-house, using the most modern advancements in 3D printing. Project 1 features a proprietary linear cam path minute system and Geneva jump hour. The entire project is designed, prototyped, manufactured, assembled and tested in the U.S. by a team of some of the most talented machinists and watchmakers in the country.

Cutting edge 3D printed steel and titanium

Metal Binder Jetting selectively deposits and fuses powdered metal into fully functional parts. The future is here.

Full Binder Jet steel/titanium

crown release system

Impossible part geometries.

Built-in lattice structures optimize dimension accuracy

Industry leading print precision 4x thinner than a human hair.  Metal 3D printing provides new possibilities in part geometries and manufacturing what was once impossible with traditional methods.

World's first functional 3D printed movement bridge.

Advanced engineering. High-end finishing. Modern art.

Modern Prototyping

Research and development is one of the most costly phases in watchmaking and largely determines the final price of a watch. The entire project was prototyped using the latest in UV-cured additive manufacturing. Minimizing prototyping costs and machine time provides maximum value to the end product

Traditional manufacturing methods

> $10,000 USD per prototype

> 30 Prototype iterations

R&D Cost > $300,000 USD

UV- cured Additive Manufacturing

< $1,000 USD per prototype

> 30 Prototype iterations

R&D Cost < $30,000 USD


In-house jump hour and linear minutes using a proprietary cam path system. machined, finished and assembled by some of the most talented artisans from USA / Germany / Switzerland


Ready For Launch

Designed, prototyped, and tested in San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, CA


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