Project One

The future is here.


Barrelhand's mission is to push the limits of what is currently possible with additive manufacturing and provide a window to the future that lies ahead. Project One is the first production watch to feature a movement bridge entirely 3D printed in stainless steel. The technologies used are still in their infancy but will have a significant impact on the watchmaking industry as precision and selection of materials continues to increase. 

3D printing the impossible.


Steel and titanium like you've never seen it before

Project One Chapter Rings

World's first 3D printed steel movement bridge in a production watch

Project One Top Plate


Industry leading 3D print precision 4x thinner than a human hair

Project One Crown Release System


A spaceship for your wrist.

P1 Lume 3.42.jpg


P1 exploded view sketch.PNG

In-house jump hour and linear minutes using a proprietary cam path system. 


Ready For Launch

Designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA