Journey into watchmaking

My journey into watchmaking began at the age of 18 when I stumbled upon Urwerk's incredible UR-202. The holy grail of watchmaking is to seamlessly mesh engineering and art, and in my opinion Urwerk had executed this philosophy exceptionally well. These timepieces came in at a hefty price and still being a college student it was not something that was going to fit into my budget. Although I was disappointed that I would not be able to own this piece any time soon, it motivated me into attempting to create one. Being a mechanical engineer, I thought there was no better way to learn from these great watchmakers, than to rebuild the watch on my computer using 3D CAD software. Now, I knew this would be no easy task, but my passion for watchmaking and engineering overcame any second thought, and I immediately began working on what would soon become a new found love for the world of horology.

Urwerk Ur202 solidworks CAD blueprint

After 2 years of designing and developing prototypes I had finally created a working UR-202 of my very own as a tribute to these great watchmakers. I was then given the opportunity to document my journey from sketch to final prototype in the following article on AblogtoWatch.

A few weeks after the article was published I was contacted by Urwerk expressing interest in meeting me in person. Before I knew it I was heading out to Switzerland to meet with them during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). What impressed me the most was the warm hospitality I was greeted with while I was there. Both co-founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei were very busy during SIHH meeting with investors and clients, yet they still took time out of each day to sit down with me and talk watches. Their passion for watchmaking inspired and motivated me to start a watchmaking company of my very own.

Urwerk martin frei geneve UR110 UR202

Upon my return to California I quickly began sketching a multitude of unique time display complications until I had finally settled on a design. After months of refining and designing the parts in CAD software I finally had my first prototype.